Les Wexner Addresses Jeffrey Epstein Situation

COLUMBUS, Ohio (24-7 News)--The Founder and CEO of L Brands, Les Wexner, has responded to his reported connections to Jeffrey Epstein, his former money manager who is now facing charges of sex trafficking.

Wexner sent a memo to company associates Monday stating that he had severed ties with Epstein 12 years ago and did not know about the allegations now leveled against him.

Epstein is accused of multiple sex crimes against underage girls in Florida and New York. There was one reported incident in 1996 at Wexner's home in New Albany.

Epstein had formerly been a money manager for Wexner.

Epstein is currently in jail awaiting a judge's decision on whether to issue a bond. Prosecutors consider Epstein a serious flight risk.

(photo courtesy L Brands)

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