Columbus City Council to Vote on Cutting Penalties for Marijuana Possession

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus City Council is set to vote on a proposal that would reduce the criminal penalties for possession of marijuana.

It follows a public hearing on the matter with Council's Criminal Justice Committee Thursday.

The proposal would make marijuana possession a misdemeanor, with a fine of $10 for possession of less than 100 grams, and a fine of $25 for possession of between 100 and 200 grams.

Council President Shannon Hardin says council understands that marijuana is still illegal in Ohio, but says there needs to be some fairness when it comes to low-level marijuana usage.

Council is set to vote on the proposal at their next meeting, Monday.

Columbus Police Interim Chief Thomas Quinlan says officers will enforce the law, no matter what it is. He just wants police to still have the ability to contact those who are actively smoking marijuana, citing a recent arrest where it led to a suspect now facing gun charges.

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