New Proposal Would Allow Fentanyl to be Used for Ohio Executions

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--With the state of Ohio struggling to carry out executions, and many lethal injections being delayed, one state lawmakers has a proposal to fix that.

State Representative Scott Wiggum plans to introduce legislation to allow the state to use fentanyl, seized by law enforcement, to be used in the state's executions.

Wiggum, a Republican from Wooster, says it would solve the problem of the state finding drugs used in the current lethal injection method. Many drug companies do not want their products used in that fashion, and have threatened to cut off their business with the state if it is done so.

Wiggum is also concerned about advocates who want the death penalty, and lethal injections, ceased in Ohio.

Advocates for the condemned are concerned about using illegal drugs for official state business.

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