New Timeline Released on Dayton Shooting

Nine Killed, 27 Wounded In Mass Shooting In Dayton, Ohio

DAYTON, Ohio (WTVN)--Investigators have released a new timeline with regard to the mass shooting in Dayton that left nine people dead, and 26 others injured.

Police Chief Richard Biehl Tuesday said the shooter arrived in the Oregon District, with his sister and her companion, around 11PM on Saturday, August 3rd. The shooter leaves the other two at "Blind Bob's" shortly after midnight, and goes to Ned Peppers, across the street.

That's where the shooter stayed, alone, for about a half-hour, before returning with the weapon and equipment used in the shooting.

Biehl says the shooter was in contact with his sister throughout the night, even calling her at one point. While the sister was a victim of the shooting, investigators still can not determine whether she was targeted.

While there's still been no motive identified for the shooting, investigators have been able to unlock the shooter's phone, to search for clues.

Biehl adds the department still believes there were no other co-conspirators.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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