DeWine: Using Fentanyl in Executions is Unconstitutional


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says a proposal being floated in the statehouse, to use fentanyl seized by law enforcement to carry out executions, is unconstitutional.

The governor's office responded to the idea proposed by State Representative Scott Wiggum, a Wooster Republican, with the state of Ohio delaying executions until at least May of 2020.

The state is struggling to find the drugs used to administer lethal injections. DeWine says many companies do not want their drugs used in that way, and have threatened to end their business with the state of Ohio if it is done so.

Wiggum says opponents of the death penalty are trying to abolish it. Death penalty opponents also say they do not want illegal drugs used in lethal injections.

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