Teens Charged in Accidental Shooting, Originally Reported as Home Invasion

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--What was originally reported as a home invasion at a Columbus home back in June, resulting in two teens shot and one dead, actually turned out to be an accidental shooting.

Columbus Police say the incident at a home on West Welch Avenue June 6th left 16-year-old Shamya Saultz dead. A male victim from that incident was treated and eventually released.

Original witness statements said an intruder opened fire on a gathering of family and friends. Upon further investigation, officers say the shooting was the result of an accident, involving teens playing with a loaded gun that was obtained illegally.

One of the teens involved is facing charges of Grand Theft, involving a Firearm, and another is charged with Reckless Homicide.

The teens facing those charges are being tried as juveniles.

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