LISTEN: OSU Athletic Director Defends Football Gameday Changes

Michigan v Ohio State

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio State's Athletics Director says the new amenities and features at Ohio Stadium, for the Buckeye football season, are aimed at capturing the attention of the younger audience.

Gene Smith telling 610-WTVN's Matt McCoy that students helped with the idea to bring wifi to the entire stadium, and for the addition of a DJ to play music during stoppages in play.

Smith adds that the DJ is not meant to replace the marching band, and that music has always been "piped in" when play is stopped, only this time it will originate from the DJ.

Along with the stadium-wide wi-fi, fans will have the opportunity to purchase "bottomless sodas", and new menu offerings are all over the stadium.

Smith adds that there's been a decline in season ticket purchases among students, and the changes are aimed at making them go up again.

Ohio State opens the 2019 season this Saturday at noon, against Florida Atlantic, at Ohio Stadium.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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