CPD Officer Charged with Dereliction of Duty

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A Detective in the Columbus Police Department is charged with dereliction of duty, for failing to follow through on two cases in recent years, including a sexual assault.

Interim Police Chief Thomas Quinlan discussed the case Wednesday involving Detective Amy Welsh, with an internal investigation conducted back in August.

Investigators found that Welsh was assigned a sexual assault case in 2012, where she obtained a rape DNA kit, but failed to submit it to the crime lab for testing.

That kit was found in 2014 by a property room clerk, and subsequently submitted, with the lab finding a match. Detective Welsh failed to follow up on the match, according to investigators.

The review also found Welsh was assigned a case in 2018 involving a stolen car with two children inside. She obtained surveillance footage, but inactivated the investigation, despite having the video.

Welsh is charged with three counts of dereliction of duty. Quinlan says she has been relieved of her duties, but further discipline could include termination.

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