Ohio University Suspends all Fraternities

Rural Town and College Campus, Athens, Ohio, USA

ATHENS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio University in Athens has suspended all fraternities on campus, following new reports of hazing among many of the Intrafraternity Council member chapters.

A letter released Thursday says two fraternities have been given cease and desist letters, while five other fraternities are under investigation for their own allegations.

There are 15 chapters in the IFC at OU. The university expelled the local chapter of Sigma PI, following the death of Collin Wiant last year, where investigators say hazing played a role in his death. Wiant was a pledge to the chapter at the time of his death.

Thursday's order suspends all fraternity activities, including chapter meetings, recruiting events, social gatherings, and philanthropy.

The order only applied to fraternities, and not to sororities.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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