Lingerie Store, Moonlighting as a Strip Club, Shut Down

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A lingerie store on Columbus's east side, that was doubling as a strip club, has been shut down.

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein says his office secured the emergency court order to close up the "Sexxy 4 Less" store on East Livingston Avenue.

The business served as a front for "Club Sexxy", an underground strip club.

Klein says Columbus Police had covert eyes on the activity at the property this past summer, where they claim illegal sales of drugs and alcohol were taking place.

A shootout and homicide were linked to the property in July as well. It is also about two blocks from another illegal after-hours club that was shut down by the city last month.

The husband-and-wife operators of "Club Sexxy" have a history of felony convictions.A follow-up hearing on a permanent injunction for the property is set for next week.

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