ICE Fines Rescinded for Edith Espinal

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Immigration and Customs Enforcement is rescinding the fines imposed on Edith Espinal, who is taking refuge in a Columbus church, to avoid deportation.

Espinal has been living at the Columbus Mennonite Church in Clintonville for the last two years. The church pastor tells ABC-6 he received a letter earlier this week that the fines of about $500-thousand dollars she had been facing have been rescinded.

Espinal still faces deportation if she leaves the church. ICE rescinded immigration fines for about a half-dozen people across the country.

Her lawyers are hoping to reopen her asylum case and file a new visa. Espinal has appealed to US Senator Sherrod Brown for support in her case.

(photo courtesy ABC-6)

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