Funding Approved for Reconstruction of I-270/I-70 East Side Interchange

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Another major road construction project in central Ohio has been approved.

The state's Transportation Review and Advisory Council approved $73-million to begin work on the interchange of I-270 and I-70 on the east side. That work is expected to begin in 2022.

The first phase will take the ramp from 270 South to 70 east to a "flyover" ramp, instead of the current loop ramp. Engineers say it will reduce weaving and merging at the interchange.

Work will also add a lane to 70 East, from I-270 to Brice Road, and ramps from 270 North to 70 east and to Brice Road will also be reconfigured.

Officials say traffic has increased by 230% since the highways' construction 50 years ago, with no major improvements.

Future phases will address inbound congestion on I-70 West, replace the loop ramp from I-70 West to I-270 South with a flyover ramp, widen Brice Rd, and reconfigure the ramps at Brice Rd.

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