Chase Involving Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Under Review

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is reviewing a recent incident involving a high-speed chase, to see if it violated department policy.

The incident started on Monday, November 11th just before 2PM, when a marked sheriff's cruiser attempted to stop a possible stolen vehicle in the area of Georgesville Road and West Broad Street. The vehicle took off, and went down Georgesville, then east onto Sullivant Avenue.

The 5-minute chase reached speeds of over 90-miles an hour. The fleeing vehicle struck another vehicle at the intersection of Sullivant and Glenwood Avenues.

There were minor injuries in the crash, and the suspect is in the Franklin County Jail.

An initial administrative review indicates the pursuit may have violated department policy and guidelines. A full review of the actions of the deputies and supervisor is underway.

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