Logan County Woman Enters Plea Deal for Deaths of Three Sons

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio (WTVN)--A woman charged with killing her three young sons will spend at least the next 37 years in prison.

Brittany Pilkington entered the plea deal in Logan County Court Tuesday. It includes two counts of murder and one of involuntary manslaughter for the suffocation deaths of Niall, Gavin, and Noah in 2014 and 2015. The sentence is 37 years to life.

Pilkington confessed to the crimes after a long night of interrogation by detectives, but part of that confession was thrown out.

The plea deal does let Pilkington avoid the death penalty. Prosecutors indicated Pilkington has brain damage from sexual and physical abuse as a child.

Brittany does have a daughter, who is now eight years old, and is being raised by a foster family.

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