NYT Report Alleges Culture of Misogyny, Harassment at Victoria's Secret


NEW YORK, New York (WTVN)--A report published in the New York Times Sunday alleges that executives of Victoria's Secret, a division of Columbus-based L Brands, were implicit in creating a culture of misogyny, harassment, and bullying at the company.

Reporters interviews over 30 former employees, contractors, and executives of the iconic brand for women's fashion.

Most of the complaints surround former executive Ed Razek, who would allegedly grope and attempt to kiss models.

The employees also say they reported his behavior to L Brands Founder and CEO Les Wexner, but add that they faced retaliation as a result.

Employees also told the Times Wexner himself was overheard demeaning women.

The Wall Street Journal last week reported that Wexner is in talks to step down from the company, which may include either a full or partial sale of Victoria's Secret.

That division of L Brands has struggled in recent years with declining sales. There's no word on any connection to the report of Wexner's possible departure from the company and the Times report.

ABC News is reporting L Brands did not dispute the reporting, and a company spokesperson tell them that they are the company is fully committed to continuous improvement and complete accountability.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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