Registration open for Pelotonia 2020

Thursday, February 20th is the day that you can start signing up for Pelotonia this year. And so far more than $891,000 has been raised - all for a good cause.

Pelotonia started in Columbus in 2009 and has since become global. Every dollar raised goes directly towards cancer research at The Ohio State University. CEO of Pelotonia Doug Ullman says that whether you ride, donate or volunteer - your help is appreciated.

"Whether you want to buy a tee shirt, or whether you want to donate a dollar, or ride or be a part of this in any way we are beyond grateful. The reality is that because of our generous partners 100% of every single dollar we raise goes directly to research at Ohio State University and we couldn't be more appreciative of this broad community support that we've enjoyed and that we hope will continue way into the future," CEO Ullman.

This is the 12th year for Pelotonia.

CEO Ullman adds a new campaign began called "Be legendary" which celebrates the selfless heroism of our neighbors and community members who are taking action to help raise money and awareness for cancer research.

On Friday, February 21st a family friendly event begins at 4:00p.m. to kick off the year at Pins Mechanical downtown to bring people together.

Register HERE

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