Three Plead Guilty to Roles in OU Student's Hazing Death

Rural Town and College Campus, Athens, Ohio, USA

ATHENS, Ohio (WTVN)--Three defendants charged in connection to the hazing death of a student at Ohio University in Athens have plead guilty.

Collin Wiant of Dublin was found dead in an auxiliary house, operated by the Sigma Pi fraternity, in late 2018. Wiant had been a pledge for the frat.

On Thursday, Dominic Figliola, Cullen McLaughlin, and Zachary Herskovitz, each plead guilty in Athens County court to various hazing and drug charges, and were each sentenced to complete a diversion program and serve one-year probation.

Six more defendants have hearings scheduled for next month. The fraternity was expelled from campus after the incident.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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