COTA Riders To Be Required to Wear Face Mask

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Central Ohio Transit Authority is now requiring that all riders wear a face covering while on their buses, whether it be a medical mask, scarf, or bandana.

COTA says the new policy takes effect Wednesday, April 15th. Officials add that any rider who boards a bus without a mask can cause the bus to be stopped. Also, anyone wearing a mask on the bus who takes it off can cause the driver to stop the bus.

Riders will not be provided with a mask by COTA.

Officials say the new policy is in line with the CDC's new guidelines regarding preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier, COTA instituted new policies to prevent the spread on the buses, including asking riders to board the back of the bus, and to maintain social distancing while on the bus.

COTA also drastically lowered the capacity on the buses to adhere to social distancing regulations.

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