Two Bars Facing Citations For Social Distancing Violations


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Two bars in Columbus are now facing citations from the health department, over violations regarding social distancing on the first weekend of reopening in Ohio.

Pictures of patrons on the patio of Standard Hall on North high Street went viral, showing large groups of people gathering without wearing masks, and they prompted a visit from health officials.

According to Owner Chris Corso, the patio capacity was reduced by 50%, which was what was in effect on Friday, but he was told by health officials that people have to be seated and cannot move while there, but only to to go the bathroom.

Corso says the establishment complied, and got another visit from health officials on Saturday, for the crowd that was waiting to get in on the sidewalk, that was not exhibiting social distancing. A group of 20 people was among those trying to gain entry.

Complaints against Standard Hall have been forwarded to the Columbus City Attorney.

Meanwhile, the owner of Park Street Cantina tells ABC-6 that he received a citation on Saturday without warning. That was the first citation issued in the state of Ohio for violation of proper social distancing.

Governor Mike DeWine's Press Secretary issued a statement Saturday, saying, "Those who operate their businesses while disregarding safety guidelines designed to protect the health of their customers and all Ohioans are being irresponsible."

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