Ohio National Guard Deployed to Columbus; Citywide Curfew in Effect

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther has issued a curfew for the entire city, from 10PM to 6AM, beginning Saturday night, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has called in the Ohio National Guard to help temp down the vandalism and destruction of property that has taken place the last three days.

Ginther says anyone that is caught out past curfew are subject to arrest.

DeWine and Ginther made a joint statement Saturday, with Ginther saying they can not tell the difference now between peaceful protesters and those who only aim to conduct violence and destruction.

Ginther says "We respect, value and welcome the right to protest. This curfew is not intended to stifle peaceful protest but to protect our people."

The vandalism began Thursday night, with people breaking windows at the Ohio Statehouse, the Ohio Theatre, and surrounding businesses in downtown Columbus.

On Friday, several Columbus Police Officers were injured in the continued unrest, with several arrests made.

The Major General of the Ohio National Guard, John C Harris, says they are not being brought in to institute martial law.

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