OSU Plans to Resume Classes On Campus This Fall

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio State University has a plan to resume classes on campus this fall, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The university plans to have the first day of classes for the fall semester on August 27th, with the last day December 4th. Many student vacation days will be eliminated for the semester as a result.

The plan includes social distancing for classrooms, dining halls and residence halls, which will include a reduced population density.

School officials are also encouraging students and staff to wear face coverings, practice frequent hand washing, and guidelines will be issued regarding foot traffic in and out of buildings.

As for the upcoming football season, University President Dr. Michael Drake said, "Our hope and intention is to safely have a football season, with an audience spaced out in our stadium, but we haven't made any final decisions."

The plan also includes a phased reopening of the University's athletic complexes to student-athletes.

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