Protesters Call for Columbus City Schools to Cut Ties With CPD


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A group of protesters Monday marched to the home of the Columbus City School Board President, to call for an end to the working relationship between the school district and the Columbus Police Department.

Activists say that students that were protesting, and then see police officers in their school hallways would be traumatized.

Organizers say the district should focus on hiring and training more counselors, and to hire and train their own safety and security officers.

Board president Jennifer Adair addressed the demonstrators, saying she supports the peaceful protests and the end of racism. She says input from teachers, parents, students, and administrators would be taken on how to handle police in the future.

CPD released a statement to ABC-6, saying "We do not use wooden bullets, pepper spray and tear gas on students sitting in classrooms. They have nothing to fear, but we do not want to impose on the schools if we are not welcome. Columbus Police priority wherever and whenever is safety first, that includes the safety of students and staff."

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