Ohio Governor Says Efforts to Defund Police Departments are "Absurd"


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--With more calls for police reform, and even some calls for defunding police departments after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says defunding the departments would be "absurd."

DeWine says law enforcement agencies are tasked with protecting the public, and he did acknowledge that reforms are needed.

He says a committee that was convened in 2015 will look at the minimum standards for how police handle peaceful protesters in the future.

He says the committee will look at when chemical agents become necessary to disperse a crowd that is not following orders to disperse, along with how police officers can prevent members of the media from becoming injured.

That committee was formed by then-Governor John Kasich, and had previously worked on terms for when police can use deadly force, along with hiring and recruitment for law enforcement agencies.

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