Columbus State to Take Down Namesake Statue


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus State Community College will remove the statue of Christopher Columbus from its downtown campus within the next two weeks.

The school sent out a release on Tuesday, saying talks to remove the statue have been ongoing for years.

Columbus State Board of Trustees President Anthony Joseph says, “We do not seek to erase history, but to make an intentional shift in what we visibly honor and celebrate as an institution. This is the first of many steps in what will be a lengthy journey as the College seeks to build on and improve our historic and future efforts toward broadened diversity and inclusion.”

According to Columbus State President David Harrison, “We recognize this decision is not made in a vacuum, but against a backdrop of prominent senseless murders of African-Americans in recent weeks and a years-long internal dialogue that has reached an apex in reaction. This inflection point will inform College policy and action both now and for years to come.”

The statue has been in its current position since 1988, and will be removed within the next two weeks. Discussions on what to put in its place are ongoing.

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