Protesters Clash With Police Again Downtown


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Police officers clashed with protesters again downtown on Sunday.

Officers began using pepper spray again on the crowd, which started as a peaceful protest, but the crowd began taking over High Street, near Broad Street.

In one instance, a person was caught on police body cam throwing a scooter at an officer. That person was tracked down and arrested.

Mayor Andrew Ginther addressed the situation in twitter Sunday, saying, "We have been clear about respecting and protecting peaceful protest. We also must keep city streets open to the public to travel and protect residents from lawlessness including the drag racing, fires and injuries in recent nights."

There were several instances last week where protesters blocked High Street at Broad with their own vehicles, and city officials say that is illegal without a permit.

Last week, there was also confusion in the Police Department over whether officers would be cracking down on protests, after a fake post went viral, that said the mayor told officers to "stand down."

There were 9-1-1 callers downtown last week, who were told by dispatchers that officers were told to stand down. The Columbus Police Department said that was not true.

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