CPD Responds to Viral Video Involving Double-Amputee


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Columbus Police Department is sharing their side of the story regarding a video from Sunday's protest that went viral, involving a double-amputee.

The video that was shared by TMZ shows the man without his prosthetic legs, crying for medical help. Officers also appear to be taking the man's prosthetic legs.

CPD Sergeant James Fuqua tells ABC-6 that body cam footage and other video shows that man throwing liquid at officers, and on two different occasions throwing a makeshift barricade at officers. One officer was hit by the barricade in one instance.

That is when officers tracked down that subject. Fuqua says that subject returned to the scene about 20 minutes after the incident in question, with body cam footage time-stamped to prove it.

CPD went back to using pepper spray on protesters who became aggressive with police, after days of people drag racing, setting fire in the street, and blocking traffic, according to Sgt. Fuqua.

Mayor Andrew Ginther defended CPD's tactics on Sunday, and also turned down calls for him to resign. He added that he has confidence in Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan.

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