Two Guns Found at CMH Security Checkpoint

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Transportation Security Administration says two firearms were discovered at the checkpoint at John Glenn Columbus International Airport on Tuesday.

Officials say one was a loaded Kimber Micro 9mm handgun, found in a passenger's carry-on bag at 5;30AM, another was an unloaded .22 Ruger SR22P, also found in a passenger's carry-on bag. That was around 1PM Tuesday.

It is the 6th and 7th time firearms were found at the security checkpoint at CMH in 2020. With the coronavirus affecting air travel, the rate of discovery is off from last year, when 29 firearms were detected for the entire year.

The TSA reminds passengers that firearms can be transported in a checked bag, if they are declared to the airline, if they are unloaded, and in a proper carrying case.

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