Columbus Art Commission Approves Plan to Remove, Replace City Hall Statue


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Columbus Art Commission has approved the plan to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus from outside of City Hall, and eventually replace it with an original work of art.

The Commission met in a special session virtually Wednesday to approve the request from Mayor Andrew Ginther, who last week tasked the commission with handling the removal and replacement.

Once the statue is removed, it will be kept in storage for the time being. Commission members say it will take time to develop a new centerpiece for the spot.

The statue was a gift to the city from Genoa, Italy in 1965.

The statue has been the target of vandals in recent weeks, amid the protests over racial injustice, with Columbus historically tied to genocide and slavery.

The statue of Christopher Columbus on the campus of Columbus State Community College was removed last week. Similar statues across the country have been forcefully removed by protesters.

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