Columbus Mayor "Disappointed" in Meeting With FOP President

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther says he is disappointed with the FOP's lack of commitment to reform within the Police Department.

Ginther met with Local FOP president Keith Ferrell on Thursday, and released a statement afterwards, saying, "They say they are prepared to listen, but we’ve heard that for far too long. The time for listening is over. The time for action is now. Despite the FOP continuing to put up barriers to our progress, we are moving forward with our plan of reform. I encourage Columbus residents to join us in calling on the FOP to get serious about change – and to hold them accountable if they ignore our community.”

Local FOP Lodge President Keith Ferrell also released a statement, saying that the 43-hundred law enforcement officers in Franklin County feel betrayed by Ginther's statement.

Ferrell says, "We are willing to listen, learn and then help lead this community in a positive direction. You have our word on that. We have not rejected one reform idea, and we are willing to roll our sleeves up and sit down and work with the community. We asked today to be part of the process, and the mayor would not commit to including us. We need someone who will bring everyone in the community together. Now is not the time to point fingers and further divide us."

Columbus City Council on Thursday also committed to codifying Ginther's proposals for police reform. Ginther says he does not support "defunding" the Police Department.

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