Ohio House Speaker Suggests Changes for Statehouse Security

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder is suggesting that changes be made made as to who has jurisdiction over state property in Columbus, following damage done from vandalism stemming from the recent protests.

Householder talked to 610-WTVN's Mark Blazor Thursday, and said funding may be cut to the city of Columbus from the state, because charges were dropped against those arrested for causing damage to the Statehouse.

He says the city should help pay for the damage, and added that state property could be policed by the state of Ohio.

On the first night of protests, vandals broke the windows along the west side of the Statehouse, and broke through the door on the same side of the building. Last week, hundreds of hand prints in red paint were left on the Statehouse facade, columns, steps, and surrounding walls.

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein tells ABC-6 that the Franklin County Prosecutor is responsible for handling the cases of vandalism done at the Statehouse and other state-owned property.

Householder estimated damage from the vandalism to cost upwards of $1-million to repair.

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