Ohio Coronavirus Cases Remain Above Recent Averages

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The state of Ohio is not immune to the rise on coronavirus cases that's also happening across the country.

The new numbers released from the Ohio Department of Health Sunday show that 854 new cases were reported, that's well above the 21-day average of 563.

Hospitalizations and ICU admissions were also above average, with 57 in the hospital now and 30 in the ICU.

One positive note, there were only three new deaths reported in Ohio on Sunday. That's well below the three-week average of 20.

Overall, the number of coronavirus cases in Ohio has exceeded 50,000. There are exactly 50,309 reported cases in Ohio, with 2,807 deaths, 7,681 hospitalizations, and 1,946 in the ICU.

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