CCS Unveils Plan To Resume Learning This Fall

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Columbus City School district has unveiled its provisional plan for students to return to learning this fall, but most students will not be in the physical classroom most days of the week.

The plans call for students in grades K-8 to be in class for two days a week, and continue learning remotely the other three days of the week. Students that are in the same family or household will go to class on the same days.

High schools, however, will remain on remote-learning full-time for at least the first two quarters, under the plan. Students will be given the option to use the curriculum provided by the CCS teachers, or by the Digital Academy.

Early childhood full-day students will be in class two days a week, with half-day Pre-K students learning in-person four days a week, with the option for virtual learning on the 5th day.

With regard to health and safety in the school buildings, teachers and staff will be required to wear a mask, and students will be highly recommended to wear a mask. Students will be required to wear a mask on the bus.

Additional provisions, like hand sanitizer and hand washing, will also be encouraged.

The plan still needs approval from the state of Ohio, and from the schools unions.

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