New Record For Coronavirus Hospitalizations in Ohio


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The state of Ohio set a new record on Tuesday for the number of patients hospitalized that are positive for coronavirus.

Health officials say 1,122 patients were positive, besting the previous one-day high of 1,103 from back in late April.

“Our case numbers have remained high during the past month. We know there is a lag between when people are infected with the virus and when they start to feel sick and ultimately are hospitalized,” said Lance D. Himes, interim Director of the Ohio Department of Health.

While the state is equipped to handle coronavirus patients in the hospital, health officials warn that it does impact the supply of PPE, and patients typically see a long intensive stay in the hospital as a result.

Health officials note that the average age of those infected in Ohio is decreasing, meaning more young people are being infected.

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