Ohio Liquor Control Commission Approves 10PM Cutoff for Alcohol Sales


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--By a unanimous vote, the Ohio Liquor Control Comission has authorized an order that prohibits the sale of alcohol at the state's bars and restaurants past 10PM each night.

The order, which was requested by Governor Mike DeWine to help curb the spread of coronavirus, allows patrons to finish their drinks by 11PM.

The board heard from advocates for the restaurant industry before voting, with all of them saying it will devastate their business.

Attorney Edward Hastie argued that owners and employees spent months developing the protocols for their businesses to operate during COVID-19, and the 10PM cutoff time is arbitrary.

Hastie was part of a group that challenged a similar order in the city of Columbus, which was suspended via temporary injunction by a Franklin County judge.

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