Dr. Amy Acton Leaving DeWine Administration


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--She helped spearhead the state of Ohio's response to the coronavirus outbreak before resigning as Director of the Ohio Department of Health. Now, Dr. Amy Acton is leaving the DeWine administration altogether.

Following her resignation as ODH Director, Dr. Acton stayed on to serve as DeWine's Chief Health Adviser. Now, Dr. Acton is leaving to return to her old post, at the Columbus Foundation.

At that agency, she will help start up a new initiative, as the first Director of Kind Columbus, which aims to build community through unconditional acts of kindness.

Dr. Acton helped write many of the orders that shutdown homes and schools when the coronavirus outbreak began in March, and was an integral part of many of DeWine's coronavirus press briefings.

Her actions also brought protests to the Ohio Statehouse, and even to her home in Bexley.

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