Fairfield, Licking Counties Removed from "Red" Coronavirus Alert

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Governor Mike DeWine delivered a lot of good news on Thursday, with regard to the state's fight against coronavirus. That included two central Ohio counties removed from the "red" level 3 distinction.

DeWine says Fairfield and Licking counties were upgraded to a "yellow" level 2 advisory when it comes to community spread. Muskingum county was also removed from the "red" level, leaving only Franklin County as the only location in central Ohio that's still in the "red" level 3 advisory.

DeWine says across the state, seven counties dropped from "red" to "orange". He noted that Cuyahoga and Montgomery counties were on the red list since the classification system debuted, but have now dropped off.

Six counties also dropped from orange to yellow, which included Ross County.

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