DeWine Calls Rumors of FEMA Camps For Coronavirus Patients "Crazy"

Photo credit: ABC-6

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio Governor Mike DeWine took time during his coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday to address internet rumors that he calls "crazy" and "ridiculous".

He says the rumor claims children are being separated from their families by putting those who test positive for coronavirus in mandatory FEMA shelters. DeWine says that is blatantly false.

DeWine clarified that an order that has been renewed several times since March allows for FEMA reimbursement for those who voluntarily choose to self-quarantine in a non-congregate shelter, such as a hotel room.

He says the program has been used mainly by first responders, who are choosing to self-quarantine so they do not risk exposure from coronavirus to their families.

DeWine says the order does not create FEMA camps to force people to quarantine against their will, which has been reported on the internet.

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