Columbus Loses Over $41-million in Revenue During Pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The city of Columbus has lost over $41-million dollars in revenue due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and City Council has taken steps to alleviate the downfall.

Mayor Andrew Ginther updated Council on Monday, saying the impact is five-times worse than the great depression. He says the city's dependence on income taxes, and the resulting layoffs due to the pandemic, resulted in the shortfall.

Back in June, the city Auditor's office took steps to have the city save money, like delay merit raises, eliminate travel, and implementing a hiring freeze.

Council President Pro Tem Elizabeth Brown says the city was able to prepare for the shortfalls, with the pandemic hitting in March, and the city's fiscal year tied to the calendar year.

City Council unanimously approved the measures to adjust the city's general fund as a result of the revenue losses.

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