Request Denied for Ohio Mail-In Ballots to Have Prepaid Postage

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The State Controlling Board has denied a request from Ohio Secretary of State frank LaRose to allow absentee ballots, that are returned through the mail, to have prepaid postage.

LaRose told the board he was prepared to spend $3-million from the department's budget, but needed permission from the board to allow it.

The board's decision now means voters who send their absentee ballot to the board of elections through the mail will have to pay for their own postage stamp.

Four of the seven OCB members voted against the request, saying Ohioans have plenty of options when it comes to voting, and a change of this kind should not be made this close to an election.

Four Republicans on the board voted "no", and two democrats voted "yes".

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