New Ramp From I-71 South To Stringtown Road to Open

Photo Credit: Ohio Dept. of Transportation

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio Department of Transportation is marking a major milestone in the "South Side Mega Fix" project this week.

The new ramp from I-71 South to Stringtown Road, in Grove City, is set to open by 3PM Tuesday.

It'll be a major change for drivers heading south, as traffic from 71 to both I-270 and Stringtown Road will be exiting at the same time.

Officials say the new ramp is to eliminate the dangerous weaving that occurs on I-71, just south of 270, as cars head for Stringtown, with traffic also coming from 270 to 71 South.

The new ramp splits three ways--with the left lane heading to I-270 East, the right lane to 270 West, and the middle lane to Stringtown Road.

Traffic from I-270 will still be able to exit at Stringtown Road.

ODOT has spent the last three years widening I-71 from I-270 on the south side to the West side split downtown, at a cost of $120-million.

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