Columbus, Franklin County To Go Under 28-Day Stay at Home Advisory

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--With an increasing number of Coronavirus cases in central Ohio, the city of Columbus and Franklin County will go under a 28-day Stay at Home Advisory, beginning Friday at 6PM.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, along with other government and health officials from Columbus and Franklin County, is to encourage people to stay home and avoid non-essential business.

Dr. Mysheika Roberts, with Columbus Public Health, says the order does not close businesses deemed non-essential, but local schools and universities are asked to discontinue all extra-curricular activities.

The advisory is meant to last for two incubation periods of the coronavirus.

Dr. Roberts said at the beginning of October, Columbus had just over 140 coronavirus cases per week. This week, that number went to over 700.

Ginther said the advisory will be re-evaluated, and may include additional advisories if it does not help bring the numbers down.

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