Senate Bill 311 Passes Ohio House, Governor Vows to Veto

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has vowed to veto a bill that would allow state lawmakers to rescind public health orders issued by the Ohio Department of Health.

Senate Bill 311 passed the Ohio House of Representatives on Thursday, it would also block precautionary quarantine orders for those that may have been exposed to a disease or toxin.

DeWine says the orders issued by ODH are a matter of national security, adding that he would not have the ability to act immediately if it becomes law.

Protestors returned to the lawn of the statehouse on Thursday, as the Governor gave another press briefing on the situation in Ohio regarding the Coronavirus.

On Thursday, the state's curfew went into effect, which is nightly from 10PM to 5AM for 21 days. The city of Columbus and Franklin County also go under a 28-day stay-at-home advisory beginning Friday at 6PM.

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