Curfew Extended in Ohio Through January 2nd, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--With the continued surge in coronavirus cases in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine has extended the state's curfew for another three weeks.

Originally, it was set to expire on Wednesday, but it now runs through January 2nd, 2021. It goes into effect at 10PM nightly, and runs through 5AM each morning.

DeWine insists it's needed to stem the tide of coronavirus cases, which is now approaching 10,000 new cases per day on the state's 21-day average.

There are a few exceptions to the curfew--Saturday's MLS Cup Final for the Columbus Crew at Mapfre Stadium, the University of Cincinnati's football conference championship Game on December 19th, and upcoming Monday Night Football games for both the Browns and Bengals.

The Browns host the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, December 14th, and the Bengals host the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 21st.

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