CCS Unveils Plan to Return Younger Students to Blended Learning

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Columbus City School district revealed a plan on Wednesday to have many students return to class, in a blended learning model, beginning February 1st.

Under the plan, Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon says students in grades Pre-K through 3rd grade will be in class for two days per week, and learning from home the remaining three days a week, beginning February 1st. That plan also applies to students with special needs, and career-tech students.

Students in grades 4 and 5 will begin the same plan on February 8th.

Dr. Dixon says grades 6 through 12 will remain on an all-remote learning model, citing transportation issues in the plan.

In response, the Columbus Education Association, representing the district's teachers, says they want a coronavirus vaccine available to all teachers and staff before returning to classroom learning.

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