Columbus Company Wastes Nearly 900 COVID-19 Vaccines

Photo Credit: Getty Images

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A Columbus company has temporarily lost it's ability to assist the state of Ohio in administering the Coronavirus vaccine, after it let nearly 900 doses get spoiled.

The Ohio Department of Health says Specialty RX was given 1,500 vaccine doses to inoculate residents at eight long-term care facilities, just before the new year. The company had 890 doses remaining after that administration, but the vials were not stored at the proper temperature while looking to transfer the doses to another provider.

The vaccines were manufactured by Moderna, which are required to be refrigerated. The long-term care facilities will have to find another company to administer the 2nd dose of vaccine to their residents.

ODH has requested the State Pharmacy board to open an investigation.

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