Ohio's COVID-19 Curfew Rolled Back to 11PM

Photo credit: Getty Images

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--After Governor Mike DeWine laid out the stipulations for the state's COVID-19 curfew to be rolled back, the first indicator was met on Wednesday.

With fewer than 3,500 hospitalizations in Ohio happening for 7 straight days, the curfew for bars and restaurants will begin at 11PM, beginning Thursday night.

DeWine says the order permitting the extra hour was drafted and signed by the state Health Director on Wednesday. The curfew now goes from 11PM to 5AM each night.

If the numbers continue to improve, the curfew will be rolled back again, or even eliminated completely. If hospitalizations stay below 3,000 for seven straight days, the curfew would be rolled back to midnight.

If hospitalizations drop below 2,500 for seven consecutive days, DeWine indicated the curfew could be removed.

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