Shooting Shuts Down Polaris Fashion Place

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A shooting at Polaris Fashion place early Wednesday afternoon sent shoppers and employees into a panic.

Columbus Police say it happened around 12:30PM, when a man approached the Carter's children's clothing store, and opened fire at a person inside the store.

The target of that gunfire then walked out of the store and fired back at the original shooter, who was walking away. Both suspect then fled. Columbus Police responded and search the entire complex for the suspects, but could not find them.

A gun was found in the parking lot, and is believed to have been part of the shooting.

CPD Sergeant James Fuqua says they are reviewing surveillance tape, and are working to identify the suspects. He also asked them to come forward and cooperate with their investigation.

No one was hurt, and police police confirmed the two suspects knew each other, with the shooting stemming from a dispute.

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