Dr. Amy Acton Turns Down US Senate Run in 2022

Photo credit: ABC-6

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--She became a household name in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in Ohio, as the former Director of the Ohio Department of Health. on Tuesday, Dr. Amy Acton officially declined a potential run for US senate in 2022.

While serving under Republican Governor Mike DeWine, Dr. Acton is a registered democrat, and was courted by democrats to run for the seat being vacated by Republican Rob Portman.

In a statement, Dr. Acton said, "While I am not entering the race for U.S. Senate, I recognize there is a genuine longing for a fresh approach to leadership that is honest, collaborative, and empowering,"

She added, "Ohioans - do not accept anything less from your elected officials. Our leaders’ words and actions matter. We must set the bar higher."

Dr. Acton resigned as ODH Director in June 2020, with her health orders prompting backlash and threats. She later joined an initiative with the Columbus Foundation, and resigned that post.

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