Ohio AG says Miles Jackson was Armed, Shot at Police during Monday Shooting

Photo credit: ABC-6

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Initial findings from the investigation into the shooting death of Miles Jackson, at Mt. Carmel St. Ann's Hospital in Westerville on Monday, show that Jackson was armed, and fired shots during the exchange of gunfire with officers.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost says preliminary ballistic testing confirmed Jackson had a weapon.

Yost adding, "BCI continues to interview witnesses and complete further forensic analysis to determine all of the facts. Partial facts only provide partial truth."

Westerville Police Chief Charles Chandler says two officers are on administrative leave, as the investigation continues.

His statement says, "Officers Eric Everhart and David Lammert were the initial responders to the call on Monday, and had the first encounter with Miles Jackson in the Chase parking lot near the hospital. The investigation will look into how and to what extent the officers followed proper policy and procedure from the time of the first contact to the transfer of custody."

WPD also released body cam video of the incident, with Jackson tased, and asked to drop his weapon 85 times.

Jackson was found unresponsive in a car on Monday, and had outstanding warrants for domestic violence.

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