Guilty Plea Reached for One of Four Suspects in Pike County Murders

Photo credit: ABC-6

WAVERLY, Ohio (WTVN)--One of the four suspects charged with murder in connection to the killings of eight people in Pike County, from April of 2016, has pled guilty.

The plea from Edward "Jake" Wagner comes five years to the day that the victims, all members of the Rhoden family, were found dead at four different homes across the county.

"Jake" Wagner avoids the death penalty from prosecutors in the case, and will also testify against the other murder suspects, which include his parents.

The prosecution is now recommending that "Jake" be sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences, without parole, plus another 160 years for other charges.

Prosecutors say "Jake" had a child with one of the murder victims, and a custody dispute over that child was the motivation for the crimes.

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